Best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit

Best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit

Best Blender for Crushing Ice and Frozen Fruits

The best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit article gives you the most important information to take you the better decision.

How many of you have tried to crush ice for any other icy drinks or turn the good and healthy fruits with our regular blender? Some of you might have got a better result. But that was not the case here. I went up to my kitchen full of confidence that my blender would do the job given to it. But the little bit I know that me and my blender, both would struggle. Then I realized that every blender is not intended for every blending and crushing of ice job.

Absolutely, there are ways to the crushed ice using a mallet. I have done it earlier. But what will you do for frozen fruits to crush? A mallet won’t give you a good, tasty or smooth drink. And also the mallet-used for crushed ice is more of cracked ice. However, cracked ice isn’t bad either, but it won’t be the better option when it comes to making smoothies, snow cones, ice creams, and a few other drinks.

So, this article is basically for those people who were and still are struggling with the blender when it comes to hard ingredients like frozen fruits, vegetables or ice. It took me a long time to find out these blenders which are capable of delivering you the perfectly smooth smoothie. Which you want to drink and allows you to enjoy the finely crushed ice for your icy drinks at home.

What Are the suitable Blenders for Ice & Frozen Fruits?

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Every blender is not quite suited for the work. Some blenders suffer greatly when it comes to churning ice cubes and frozen fruits. They won’t provide you the texture you need but they will give you a headache. Crushing ice into snow is not an easy task for regular blenders. It can be difficult for every blender if it was not designed with the power to crush ice or other hard foods. A blender needs a powerful motor, high-speed rotation, strong blades and many more.

Strong Motor:

A blender has to have a powerful motor to perform hard tasks such as crushing hard ice and other hard vegetables like carrots. So, it doesn’t mean that the blenders with lower wattage cannot chop ice. But they cannot blend ice like the blenders with higher wattage. So if you don’t want your regular blender’s life to end, think wisely about the work you would like to give to your blender.

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The speed of the motor:

When the job is crushing ice and frozen fruits, it would be better to get a blender which offers you high-speed settings. Slow speeds are just not the right choice for a tough job. There are many blenders which have different speed settings which enables you to crush ice and still do the slow-speed blending.

Blades Design:

The only powerful motor is not sufficient for a blender to do the “ice crushing” job smoothly; it also requires high-quality strong blades to crush. The blades provided in such blenders that should be powerful and durable. I’m quite sure you don’t want to spend money on blades after every interval. The blades should be able to handle the hard job.


The material used for the pitcher is also very important. The pitcher made of thin and weak material. They should be able to tolerate the pressure and should not get shattered.


Every expensive product is not always a good product. You should think carefully if the product you have chosen is worth the price. If the plan is to use it regularly, you can get a little expensive one. But remember! It should be powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruits. Other better way to stick a low priced option for you.

Here we have a list of some blenders, chosen wisely; strong and fast enough to crush little ice cubes and frozen fruits. This is making your favorite icy drinks or the smoothies reach the perfect taste and texture.

Blendtec Total Blender Classic, with FourSide Jar

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Click here for the price

When I felt this blender blending those frozen fruits without getting stuck, I knew this is the one. The way it blended was clear to see; without any effort.
At first, I thought this blender would be as costly as other Blendtec Blenders, but later when I saw its price it left me with my mouth open. It is not expensive, rather it is so reasonable. Some of you might feel that it’s expensive blender but look at its performance. It blends smoothly without stucks for a single second. How this blender does its job is so good. It crushes ice in few seconds, blends frozen ice without any obstructions, makes bread dough and it does many things. This blender makes blending so easy.

This Best Blender for Crushing Ice comes with

such stronger blades that no matter how tougher foods I put in there for blending, it cuts through them and gives me a result that’s healthy and smooth. It does not leave any smashes on my morning smoothies. These blades are safe to maintain which means no cuts and wounds.

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I love how it can handle both cold and hot. It grinds the hard ice into snow and still, it perfectly thickens hot soups to their perfect texture. You don’t have to tense about the jar. The blending jar is tough enough to bear the hits of hard ice cubes and can endure the hot soups. You will like it for sure. I can make icy drinks for my family, friend, make my morning smoothie and make ice creams.
I ensure you as well will love how this beautiful blender sits on the kitchen countertop.

The stylish jar looks really amazing of Best blender for crushing ice, doesn’t it looks?

It is also neither too small nor too big. One thing I’m a slight upset about this blender is that it is not a dishwasher friendly blender. If this blender only was a dishwasher-safe blender, it would be the perfect blender. You all are wondering if this blender is much loud as other blenders. Yes, it is a noisy blender. Especially when it is using at the highest speed. But it is not too loud while working. For a powerful blender like this which has a powerful motor of 3HP, the noise it makes it bearable.


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